Garden in the Woods

180 Hemenway Road
Framingham, MA 01701

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45-acre botanic garden showcases the largest collection of native species in New England.


In a unique botanic garden visitors often describe as magical, you’ll find a naturalistic plant collection that showcases New England native plants with complementary specimens from across the country. Garden in the Woods lies just west of Boston, on 45 acres sculpted by retreating glaciers into eskers, steep-sided valleys, and a kettle pond. Here you’ll find inspiration for your own garden and a new appreciation for the varied plants of our region and the habitats they create for other forms of life. The Garden Shop on the premises sells a robust selection of native plants, including shrubs and trees, grown without pesticides, as well as useful books, tools, garden ornaments, and home accessories.


Garden in the Woods is open from approximately mid-April to mid-October. Please check the Visit page of our website for specific open dates, admission fees, directions, and other information.


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