Harvard Semitic Museum
Harvard Semitic Museum
Harvard Semitic Museum

Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East (HMANE)


Harvard University
6 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

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See mummy coffins, a full-scale replica of an ancient Iron Age home, and a rich collection of antiquities from the ancient Near East.

Engage with the busy lives of farmers, craftspeople, travelers, and traders in Mediterranean Marketplaces: Connecting the Ancient World.

The exhibition From the Nile to the Euphrates celebrates the museum’s founder and first director. David Gordon Lyon assembled a rich collection of antiquities from what we now call the Middle East, including the Holy Land.

Also on view is a full-scale reproduction of an ancient Egyptian throne belonging to Queen Hetepheres (about 2550 BC), created by an interdisciplinary group at Harvard University.

From Stone to Silicone showcases newly fabricated casts from the ancient scenes that once adorned Mesopotamian palace walls.


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