National Heritage Museum

33 Marrett Road
Lexington, MA 02421

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The Museum is dedicated to presenting changing exhibitions on topics in American history and popular culture.

The National Heritage Museum is a different kind of history museum. We focus on the rich diversity of American life across four centuries – how we as a people have worked and played and struggled and achieved.

Where else can you find exhibitions devoted to the American diner, the cowboy, path-blazing women entrepreneurs, or the heroes of Negro League baseball? We’ll even take you on a journey down Route 66, or along with the milkman on his morning rounds. Whatever show on view, you will come away with a fresh insight into the American spirit.

Located in the heart of historic Lexington, Massachusetts, “the Birthplace of Liberty,” the Museum is the ideal starting point for touring area landmarks of the American Revolution. We are a welcoming destination for families and groups of all ages.


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